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Pet Loss Support Groups

If you have lost a pet, or if your pet has been diagnosed with a serious illness, it may be hard to get emotional support from others, however well-meaning.  You may hear remarks like, "Thank goodness it was only an animal."


Anyone who has suffered a loss deserves support, and many find participating in a group helpful in their grief process.  In a support group, you will be able to share with and relate to others in a supportive environment.  Groups are led by licensed therapists with experience in grief counseling in general, and pet loss in particular.


Though the road through grief is often rocky, we may find the path a bit smoother with the support of others.  The group is intended as a safe place to share feelings, struggles, and memories, and to encourage each other as we discover the natural phases of grief and navigate the path toward emotional healing.


Our groups meet in the South Bay areas, once a week for  1-1/2 hours, for a total of 3 weeks.  The cost is $40 per session.  We ask group members to commit to the 3-week group so that you will have an opportunity to see your own progress over that time period.


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